March 27, 2013 Trivia Rankings

Orally Fixated                                                                                                                      66

We’re On The Board                                                                                                          66

The Only Good Thing To Come Out of North Korea Are Their Threats                  66

I Cut Up Chimp Brains – What Did You Did Today?                                                   65

Jesus Had Two Dads And He Turned Out Fine                                                           64

My Sonic Screwdriver Is Bigger Than Yours                                                                63

The Easter Bunny Hasn’t Delivered Our Name Yet                                                    63

Fantastic Four Plus Guest                                                                                                62

Low Brow But High Class                                                                                                62

Jomato Take’s                                                                                                                   61

Abra Cadavers                                                                                                                   60

13                                                                                                                                          60

Things Fell Apart                                                                                                                60

The Misfits Have Arrived                                                                                                  58

Red, the Blood Of Angry Gays                                                                                        54

Just The Tip                                                                                                                        53

Mani Popey                                                                                                                        52

My Safe Word Is “Don’t Stop”                                                                                           50

My Bracket Is Busted                                                                                                        42

Desperately Waiting For The Rest Of My Team To Arrive                                         42

Four of Spades                                                                                                                   42


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