Broadcast Nuisance

I think the people who call into radio shows and then repeat the same information the on-air personality used to introduce them should be fined heavily by the FCC. “Donnie from Glenville, you’re on the air.” “Hi, this is Donnie from Glenville…” Nope, they just said that. You’re wasting precious air time. Here’s a hefty fine for $10,000 and a 3-year ban from calling into the radio. But they must be nervous calling into a radio show, you cry. So what? Don’t call in then. Leave it to those of us who aren’t intimated by simply talking to another person on the bloody phone! Big dogs, porches and all that. Bottom line: It’s annoying, it needs to stop and, if you keep it up, the ghost of Guglielmo Marconi will visit you in the night and shove a ham radio up your ass!


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