Gumby Or Not Gumby

I was watching TV earlier and Gumby came on.  You know: Gumby of Gumby and Pokey.  The Art Clokey guys.  Anyway, the episode was entitled “Trapped On The Moon” and it started out with Gumby’s dad looking through a telescope.  The first words out his mouth were “Yep.  He’s on the moon.  I’ll have to go get him.” 

Damn.  That’s some big brass ones off Clokey.  I mean, forget backstory, forget exposition, forget all your story elements that are crafted by literary masters to forge a creative piece of fiction.  No!  Clokey kicks off the action from word go with “He’s on the moon and I have to go get him.”  We don’t need to know that Gumby is an impish lad who’s prone to far-flung, high-flying adventures.  We don’t need to know that he’s probably used his clayboy body to fashion a rocket and escape Earth’s gravity for outer space action.  No!  All we need to know is that Papa Gumby has assessed the situation in as matter-of-fact a manner as he can muster and is ready to get the job done in full kick-butt fashion!!!  Boom! 

“He’s on the moon!  I’m gonna go get ‘im!”  Wham!  Bring it on, Gumby!!!!! Man. 

Gotta love that little clay son of a bitch.


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