People I Hate #126 (In A Series)

Who: The guy who gets a tattoo for money or reward.

Why: The simple principle that if you are going to permanently scar your body without the understanding that there are long-term consequences to doing so then you are an imbecile deserving of the mockery that will no doubt come your way. I mean, if a corporation is willing pay you a grand to emblazon its brand on your neck or a radio station wants to give you One Direction tickets to etch its logo on your forehead, your first, last and ultimate instinct shouldn’t be “yes” or even “I’ll think it over” but “are you kidding me? I’m neither gullible nor brain-dead enough to turn myself into a human billboard for your ridiculous promotional purposes.”

How I justify it: This douchebag…

That Romney/Ryan tat is looking pretty pointless and preposterous right about now. (Of course, the same could have been said for the regretful ink before the election, too.)


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