Fin Art

Bad movies have been a Hollywood staple since before Jolson sang Mammy. B movies, schlock cinema, low-budget celluloid – they all have a role to play in the multiplex and the direct-to-DVD world. But every now and then something comes along that staggers the imagination… a movie so seemingly awful that the name alone suggests all measure of film tedium and stagnation. Such a movie is Sharknado. Yes, a tornado made of sharks. Not much to go on at this point other than a one sheet that might make Roger Corman jealous (or roll his eyes, who’s to say) and a blurb with pungeant copy along the lines of “nature’s deadliest killer rules water, land, and air.” But there’s no reason to doubt this is real, this is happening and this is coming to a Redbox near you (or more likely debuting on Syfy’s Saturday night craptastic ghetto of Z movie shame). Sharknado. This may not be the end of cinema as we know it, but I suspect you can see it from here.


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