Check Out My Giant-Size Man-Thing!


Seriously. This is a real comic book. Marvel published it in the 70s.

Honestly. If you thought titles like Brother Power, The Geek and Not Brand Echh were bizarre, try walking around a comic convention and asking folks if you can see their “Giant-Size Man-Thing.” 

Heck, I’d wager Chris Hansen is out there somewhere in cyberspace dreaming of his next Dateline special even as I type the very words. But that doesn’t matter. I collect comic books. I can name all the forms of kryptonite and recite the Green Lantern oath by heart (both Golden Age and Silver Age). You want to test the mettle of a real fanboy? It’s someone who can say “Giant-Size Man-Thing” without irony or derision.

So, hey. My Giant-Size Man-Thing. Check it out.I’m quite proud of it. I’ll show it off to strangers, if they ask. It’s in fine condition. And when I’m not displaying it proudly, I keep it in a Mylar sleeve.   


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