Quick!  Click on this cartoon.  You won’t believe your eyes. 

This is the actual, unaltered Hi & Lois strip that ran on February 7, 2000 on funny pages all across the country.  Honest! 

Just set aside the boundary issues they have in the Flagston household for a minute.  (Seriously!  Who showers with the bathroom door wide open – aside from creepy uncles and online coeds you have to pay to watch?)  The joke that’s being made here is obviously … well, you know.  Chip is a teenage boy who likes to take looooong showers.  Wink wink.  What other possible gag could Browne be going for here?  Check out the kid’s smile … his relaxed posture … that frenzied lather action at the crotch.  He’s not making subtle references to the Teapot Dome Scandal.

Tsk.  And people complain about Doonesbury.



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