Five Halloween Costume Mash Up Ideas

Howie Mandela

Snap, Crackle & Pope



Mitt Zombie


Five Little Known Air Bud Sequels

Air Bud: Mixed Martial Arfs

Air Bud: Lord Stanley’s Pup

Air Bud: His Masters Tournament

Air Bud: Five for Biting

Air Bud: Closest to the Pinscher


Five Video Game Character Fears

Fear of Italians – Donkey Kong

Fear of heights – Q*bert

Fear of Mike Tyson biting his ear off – Little Mac (Punch-Out!)

Fear of being voiced by Urkel – Sonic the Hedgehog

Fear of being enslaved by Keebler – Link (Legend of Zelda)


Five People Whose Names I’ve Forgotten

My first girlfriend from 3rd grade

The lead singer of that band who opened for Pat Benatar (and the band as well)

My nanny

That woman in London on the roof of the youth hostel

All the guys who dated my mom (junior high and earlier)


Five Other Things Mitt Romney Inelegantly Stated

Sometimes I like to ride my car elevator naked.

Clint Eastwood just wandered in … we didn’t invite him and we couldn’t stop him.

We built that – well, not literally, of course.

I didn’t vote for Bush either.

The poor taste delicious.


Sparky MacMillan sure can afford to pay a little more.


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