Thar She Blows

Hi, I’m, like, Debby, and I’ll, like, be causing lots of damage to your immediate vicinity today.  Oh, sure.  I know you’ve probably heard that I’m, like, just a “tropical storm” or “tropical wave” or something-or-other.  I dunno.  Names!   I mean, it’s all so weird, don’tcha know.   Sounds like a Hawaiian Punch flavor.  But, hey, like, I am a force of nature and all and I will so totally devastate your village or town or thingie.  Whatever!  It’s so cool, y’think?  Meanwhile, you might wanna, like, you know, evacuate or something?  And I hope you have insurance.  That’s kind of important, don’tcha know.  Like, my dad worked with State Farm or Prudential or something back in ’86 but then he, like, had a breakdown and retired to Arizona.  We don’t talk much.  Bummer, I know, because I was such a daddy’s little girl it’s not funny!  So, anyway, ohmigawd, I am sooooo ‘off message’ here!   Where was I?  Me, killer storm, you, my own personal pizza.  Ha ha.  Sorry, I’m, like, being silly but I not a freak or anything.  No, I bet you think I, like, do all that creepy girly stuff, like, dot my I’s with cutesy hearts and all.  But, no way!  No!  I’m so really, like, down to earth and next-door and all.  You wouldn’t even know it’s me if you, like, ran into me on the street.  No!  I’d be all “Hi, how are you.  Ev’rything, like, okay?”  But, y’know, it’s all good, so they say.  But, oh, like, look at the time, I have so got to run now.  People to kill, destruction to wreak.  See you soon!  Buh-bye!

Huh!  Debby.  The National Hurricane Center has got so much to answer for!


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