People I Hate #93 (In A Series)

Who: Those people with cardboard license plates on their cars.

Why I Hate Them: Who do they think they’re kidding? Like they’re so damn busy they can’t stop by the DMV to get a replacement. I mean, they’ve got a cardboard sign in their back window fer cryin’ out loud! If they honestly were one of the movers and the shakers of the world, one of those select few who really were so gosh-darned busy that they seriously didn’t have time to run down to the DMV to pick up replacement tags, then they wouldn’t have a crappy hand-scratched sign on cardboard in their bleedin’ back window!

How I justify it: It’s illegal! And if there was any justice in the world you’d see the bastards on the side of the road, cardboard sign and all, after they’d been pulled over for not displaying the proper tags! However, the fact that you don’t and these yokels carelessly zoom zoom around the highways and byways with their low-rent replacement tags simply gives rise to my immaculate enmity!


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