Just Say Neigh

Woke up with a charley horse earlier. Son of a bitch, that was one painful cramp. I hate those things, honestly I do. I much rather wake up with a real horse than a charley horse.  Not that I’ve ever woken up with a horse. Or even gone to bed with a horse. No, no, let me state unequivocably that I am not advocating sleeping with horses, even in a platonic manner. This is not what this is about. Damn. Kinda feel like I’ve gotten off topic here.  I just wanted to commiserate over a common nighttime problem with a great big screw horses, ya know?  Oh crap – charley horses! Screw CHARLEY horses! I’m not – I didn’t mean … I mean, I wouldn’t and I NEVER – even on a dare (and I spent a summer at a dude ranch once). No. No. No. No. Absolutely bloody NO.

Oh crap, I hope I don’t end up on some special PETA watch list because of this.


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