No, Not The Henry Fielding Guy – The Other One

Today is Tom Jones’ birthday. While I don’t dislike the man, I can’t consider myself a fan since I have a vague recollection of my mother going to a concert and throwing panties or some such nonsense. But as I watch this old film of some concert performance from, quite possibly – based on the credits, deepest 1960s Germany, three thoughts spring to mind…

1) Someone better put a spoon in Tom Jones’ mouth so he doesn’t swallow his tongue.

2) Are those dancers supposed to be there or did they wander in from some other studio or, perhaps, a nearby LSD party?

3) A joke I once heard. A guy goes to see a doctor and says, “Doctor, I can’t get the song What’s New Pussycat out of my head. I hear it day and night, 24/7.” The doctor examines him and says, “Ah, yes. You’ve got Tom Jones disease.” “Is it rare?” the patient asks to which the doctor replies, “It’s not unusual.”


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