People I Hate #25 (In A Series)

Who: The douchebag who does something wrong and then acts like you did him a favor by letting him get away with it.

Why: As if being a dbag wasn’t enough (it is, but still…) he goes into overkill with a dismissive gesture that lets you know he deliberately took advantage of your largesse and isn’t even deluding himself into thinking you were being nice because he lets lose a casual nod or a wink – or worse, a finger gun – as if to suggest he’s completely in the right and you were just being nice. I mean, seriously, I’m driving today and this malevolent cretin plows through a four-way stop when I had the right of way and, as he does, smiles and touches a pointer finger to his forehead and waves it forward with a smootheness that makes smug look like charity but it’s not like I gave him a go ahead or liked the cut of his jib and said, “Oh, no, after you, awesome stranger!” – all I did was slow down enough to not hit him and avoid a bloody accident yet he’s cruisin’ along like he got away with creating a new chemical element named snidium!

How I justify it: Hatred is much more economical than murder.


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