The Name Lame 2012

The Social Security Administration has released its annual list of Top Ten names for both genders based on applications for Social Security cards. Now let me say, what with the preponderance of hip Gen X names likes Britney and Caitlin and Blane and Shane and Trane and all, I’d kind of given up hope that any kid born after 1995 would have a name that wasn’t going to get his or her arse kicked at recess.  Nonetheless, I’m honestly at a loss for what’s going on here.

See for yourself.



1. Katniss

2. Siri

3. Pinterest

4. Jerseylicious

5. Pippa

6. The Bachelorette

7. Fukushima

8. Solyndra

9. Kardashian

10. California Gurl



1. Bieber

2. Seal Team Six

3. Linsanity


5. Lipitor

6. Rango

7. Groupon

8. Skype

9. Thor

10. SuperPAC


Do we need a law, people? I’m thinking, yeah, maybe we do.


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