Back in the days before National Lampoon was nothing more than a hack factory for direct-to-DVD grade-B dreck like Dorm Daze 2, this illustrious comedy brand spawned the country’s preeminent humor magazine, a slew of comedy albums, a road tour, a radio show and a handful of actually funny films like Animal House and Vacation.

Take, for instance, the satiric poem Deteriorata. Back in the days of Woodstock and waterbeds, when people really, truly believed that biorhythms and zodiac signs meant something, peace and love spread good vibes throughout the land and the world communed to a groovy tune. Unfortunately, many people took themselves and this movement far too bloody seriously. Thus, a poem emerged (allegedly – read: pretentiously – found in an old Baltimore church) that encapsulated this spirit. It was, of course, poppycock, and Tony Hendra (most noticeably of This Is Spinal Tap fame) penned the obverse composition, Deteriorata, which so perfectly skewered the original in exceptional NatLamp fashion.

Hear it for yourself. Far out, baby.


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