Voter Hesitation

North Carolina has a primary coming up on May 8. I plan on voting, as I usually do, but someone asked me today if I’d taken advantage of the early, one-stop voting. No, I haven’t. I don’t vote early due to the irrational fear that the moment I do the candidate of my choice will be revealed  to be an axe murderer or criminal mastermind or something. I imagine I’ll cast my ballot and hear something on the news like: The councilman was arrested earlier today after the shocking discovery of  dozens of children’s bodies in his basement. Even more shocking – a throne built of skulls he constructed to his dark lord … I’m sorry … I just hope no one has already voted for this lowlife for if they have they surely must feel like throwing up.

That’s why I’m waiting until the very last minute. They may all be crooks and charlatans but at least I’ll be working on the same amount of knowledge as the rest when I vote for the crook and charlatan of my choice!


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