Amazing Awesomeness!

Check out these amazing facts. Some are incredible and some are strange but all are true.

The Barbados Leaf-toed Gecko’s bite is so venomous it can die by swallowing excessive amounts of its own saliva.

Actress Ashley Judd has a PhD in chemical engineering.

Botanically speaking, the green olive is more closely related to the watermelon than it is the black olive.

Due to a bizarre superstition, the town of Hainesville, West Virginia has no odd numbered streets.

The medical disorder of chronic fatigue syndrome has been reported as early as the 16th  century, perhaps earlier. It is suspected that one of the characters described in “The Canterbury Tales” suffered from it.

The band Earth, Wind & Fire was originally called Earth, Wind, Fire & Water but the name was changed because a studio executive’s son drowned in his swimming pool.

Before getting his first children’s book published, Dr. Seuss worked as an assistant on the popular 1940s comic strip “The Pussycat Princess.”

Donald Trump is addicted to Sun Drop cola.

The most successful ruler by title was Alexander II, being by birth, marriage and vote, King of Poland, Grand Prince of Finland, Emperor of the Russian Empire, Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Viscount of Seville and Pope.

When asked to come up with a new name for their school mascot, the students at Taylor Center High School in Taylor, Michigan voted for Seymour Butts as a joke. The school board overruled them and instead called them the Lions, even though $5,000 had already been spent on a costume for Butts.

Animal crackers were invented in the late 19th  century by a baker whose vegetarian daughter still wanted to eat meat.

Queen Elizabeth II owns stock in Apple.

The world’s longest running periodical is the German magazine “Frau Im Spiegel.” It has been published weekly in one form or another since 1886.

There are craters on the dark side of the moon named Curly, Larry & Moe.

During the World War I, German chocolate cake was referred to as Liberty cake.

The slime used on Nickelodeon in shows like “Double Dare” and “You Can’t Do That on Television” was originally made with a blue dye that caused a nasty rash on many of the actors who were slimed. The change to green reduced the chances of a dermatological reaction.

The most popular tattoo in Japan is the “Dragon Ball Z” character Vegeta.

The smallest national park in the United States is the Moses Cone birthplace in Flat Top, NC, which is a cabin approximately the size of a small Starbucks.

Lava lamps are outlawed in Bangladesh.

If you ever hear an auctioneer call out, “Sadie Hawkins!” it’s auction house code for an unruly bidder.

Over a career spanning 34 years, English cricketer Joe Snettleton broke every major bone in his body except for his scapula. The day after he retired, he slipped in the shower and broke his scapula.

Nassarius coriolis is the scientific name for what happens when you hit your head and “see stars.”

More characters have been killed in the Call of Duty video game series than in all the wars ever fought.

The Atchafalaya Basin of Louisiana is nicknamed the Bermuda Triangle of the South because so many people, ships and planes have been lost there.

Justin Bieber is afraid of frogs.

In a presidential election, the candidate born in a leap year has a 60% better chance of being elected over his opponent.

To confuse the opposition in court cases, defense attorneys will sometimes list characters from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” as potential witnesses. Favorites include Charlie Bucket, Violet Beauregarde, Augustus Gloop and Veruca Salt.

In 1958, High Hesleden in County Durham, England, erected a 6-meter statue of Donald Duck. The rumor is Walt Disney once spent the night in the village after his car broke down.

The ancient Egyptians used sodium bicarbonate a natural aphrodisiac.

Victor Hugo first wrote the opening paragraphs of “Les Misérables” on a tablecloth.

When Simon & Garfunkle’s “The Sounds of Silence” was released in 1965, some 45 singles were sent out blank due to a malfunction in the production prcoess, causing many radio DJs to think the song was a joke.