Movin’ On Up

There’s been a little commotion in the news recently about some residents of South Carolina receiving a bit of surprise when new survey techniques showed that the state line which separated them from their northern neighbor was moved about 150 feet. The practical upshot, simply put, is that these former Palmetto staters are now Tar Heels, born and bred. Of course, the rumblings of discontent are running high. One small businessman, frustrated that his gasoline prices have now increased by thirty cents a gallon and that he can no longer supplement his income with now-illegal fireworks, wishes he was still back on the southern side of the Carolina border. And while I understand his ire, I would ask this man and indeed all new residents of the Old North State remember one very important thing: even though you’ll pay more to fuel your vehicles and even though you can’t buy, sell or own dangerous fireworks, by merely moving across state lines out of SC and into NC your IQ has suddenly increased by about 20 points, possibly more! Welcome to North Carolina!


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