Dolla Holla

I was in the Dollar Tree last night, picking up some cheap and inexpensive – well, let’s be honest – crap.  And I saw a sign at the counter that said: Follow us on Twitter.  Seriously.  The Dollar Tree expects people to follow them on one of the biggest social networking sites in the world.

How bored do you have to be to want to follow the Dollar Tree?  How worthless is your time and life to want to the latest 140-character Tweet the Dollar Tree feels the need to let fly? 

I mean, not to be unnecessarily cruel, but I’m guessing that German chick who was locked in the basement for 30 years by her incestuous father would have better things to do than follow the freakin’ Dollar Tree!

Let me just check out how lame this will totally be … what the – ?! They have 2,473 followers!  Son of a bitch!  And they’re on Facebook?!  I -I honestly have never been nonplussed before until this very moment but now I am and this is me, being nonplussed.  Textbook example.  Look it up.


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