Gum Belle

Dammit.  They switched Orbit chewing gum babes.  They thought they could get away with it, too … just got another beguiling British blonde with a dazzling smile and snappy fashion sense and thought no one would notice!  And, okay, we didn’t at first.  She’s cute, it’s a funny ad, no harm done.  But then we realized something was different.  Is she smaller?  Is her hair different?  Bloody hell, no – it’s a different actress!  It’s like that time you picked up that woman at the Fresh Market because she looked like your ex.  In the heat of the moment – in the throes of passion – you could forget she wasn’t and pretend nothing had changed but in the end there were differences you couldn’t look past and you knew it wasn’t the same even though she has to have moved on by now and it was her choice to leave anyhow and your friends tell you to let it go and get on with your life but you can only think of her and no blonde lookalike is going to restore your will to live no matter how hot the chemistry is and how can you accept this as right or okay in any sense?!  IT’S NOT; IT’S SO WRONG IN SO MANY WAYS!!!! 

Um … uh … sorry.  Hey, but one cheeky chewing gum spokesmodel is as good as another, eh?


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