Webitude Dancing

It’s a holiday weekend so let’s unwind with a few web sites to waste some time.  As opposed to timing some waste, which sounds like something frat pledges would have to do.

We’ll start off with THE 10 COOLEST CARTOON CHICKS IN TV HISTORY.  If number 10 is Cheetara, you gotta wonder how cool number one is!

If chicks aren’t your thing (you know who you are), peruse THE 40 BEST CARTOON CHARACTERS OF ALL TIME.  Personal gripe that Pinky & the Brain weren’t in the Top Ten but a worthy list nonetheless.

While not exactly a cartoon but scarily close, 30Rock‘s Tracy Jordan says a lot of bizarre things.  See an amazing load of them at EVERYTHING TRACY JORDAN SAID SEASON 4.  “Wade Boggs Carpet World. Wade Boggs Carpet World. Wade Boggs Carpet World.”

Then enjoy THE 25 MOST EPIC ADS THAT AREN’T 1984Where the hell’s my #$%ing singing bunny?!

Next, it’s a holdover from Earth Day but still interesting and pertinent, so check out THE GREATEST NATURE PHOTOGRAPHS OF ALL TIME.  Actually, it’s pretty damn awe-inspiring.

Finally, wrap things up with Spin magazine’s 125 BEST ALBUMS OF THE PAST 25 YEARS.  Agree or disagree, you’ll definitely be humming a few of these ditties when you’re done.  Except for maybe the Hole songs.

Have a great Memorial Day, folks!

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