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Vid ‘N’ Play

July 31, 2009

Five quick videos to waste away a Friday morning:

1) THE RUG COP, a trailer for either the worst – or the best – Japanese movie ever.  EVER!

2) THE LOCKERS, an awesome 70s dance group (and, yes, that’s Rerun from What’s Happening). 

3) LIVE-ACTION MOUSETRAP.  People with too much time on their hands can sometimes be useful.

4) DAVID LYNCH RETURN OF THE JEDI.  Uhhhh … wow.  Really?

5) ICE CREAM & CAKE.  A Baskin-Robbins commercial using an infectious ditty from the guys who gave you Peanut Butter Jelly Time.  You’ll be humming it all day long.  Or impaling your brain with a wire hanger to make you forget.  50-50 chance, I’d say.

Save It For A Rainy Day

July 29, 2009

Put a call into my financial advisor the other day.  Wanted to check on my retirement account.  He called back later to let me know that a near mint Charizard card and $250 in unused Flooz was not really much of a retirement account.  He also told me to lose his number or face a restraining order.

Retirement?  Yeah, it looks like I’ll be bagging groceries until I’m 85.

Lost In Love (and I don’t know much)

July 28, 2009

The last season of LOST is over six months away.  Well, sometime in 2010, so around six months away, right?  And it seems like ages because most of us are still reeling from that season finale.  That’s why I’m so bloody grateful that, in the wake of Comic-Con, we are lucky to have a ton of LOST goodies on the net, from promos for the next season to ancillary material that only serves to enhance the whole experience.

Starting off, here’s the beginning of an In Search Of spoof that purports to explore and expose the Dharma Initiative in all its conspiratorial goodness.  (The rest of the five-part series will continue to unfold in weeks to come.)  It’s called MYSTERIES OF THE UNIVERSE.  Believe it … or not!

And while you’re at it, go ahead and study the mysteries of the universe when you matriculate at LOST UNIVERSITY.   (I said, “Matriculate!”)

Straight from Comic-Con itself, here’s a piece from the LOST panel that features an excerpt from AMERICA’S MOST WANTED with a familiar face.  Take note of the comments from the producers; that’s a clue!

Speaking of clues, check out this OCEANIC AIRLINES AD.  And this MR. CLUCK’s COMMERCIAL with Hurley.  What they don’t say is as important as what they do say.

Of course, nothing excites the mind like this PROMO FOR SEASON SIX.  Answers?  Questions?  Dammit, get here quickly, 2010!

Box Awful

July 27, 2009


G-Force.  #1 at the box office.  Guinea pigs saving the world. 


Okay, Hollywood.  Apparently I was wrong and it is personal.  I’ll remember that.  Trust me.

Craig’s Figured It Out

July 26, 2009

Maher! Maher! Maher! (How Do You Like It?)

July 25, 2009

THIS is why I love Bill Maher. 

(Some language Not Safe For Work.) 

(Also some political ideas Not Safe For My Friend John A… seriously, dude, don’t even begin to think of aggravating yourself.)

Don’t Talk To Robots

July 24, 2009

Holy bloody crap!  Call Sam Waterston right now and tell him I need all the insurance he’s got!

Relative Stupidity

July 24, 2009

My cousin Daniella gave me a picture of herself for my twelfth birthday. I was a little creeped out by that, even then. My aunt Shiobhan told me with a giggle that Daniella had a crush on me. Double creeped out by that. Yet when I saw Daniella a few years after college at a family reunion, I was surprised to find that the previously awkward preteen with braces and Coke bottle lens glasses was now a complete and utter hottie. Lemme tell you – the thoughts that went through my mind that day … man, still very much creeped out by those!

Whaddaya Think’s IN The Burgers?

July 23, 2009

There’ve been a lot of celebrity passings lately.  Many have been given their fond farewells in the press and media, some more fondly than others.  And while I’ve lost some heroes recently, I haven’t spoken much of it because – well, because the famous tend to get their due elsewhere.  But today – today I’ve lost a personal favorite.  And he won’t be mentioned on the front page or on CNN Headline News.

Les Lye, the adult on the Canadian children’s series You Can’t Do That On Television, has passed away at age 84. 

For those of us of a certain generation – those who grew up with Nickelodeon in any way, shape or form … the kids, now adults, who knew Danger Mouse before he was a rapper, who thought Dave Coulier didn’t need Saget and Stamos to be funny, and who, given half the chance, would always opt for the physical challenge – You Can’t Do That On Television was and remains a very enjoyable reminiscence.  It was silly, stupid, predictably over-the-top, and always wonderfully funny and full of wacky nonsense.  The kids on the show were relative unknowns at the time and, save probably for Alanis Morissette, pretty much remain so to this day.  And then there was Les. 

Although he had a long and storied career in the Great White North, Les will be most fondly remembered by most American kids (myself included) for portraying numerous regular characters on YCDTOT, including Ross, the studio director, and Barth, the inexplicably disgusting chef.   He’s one of those childhood memories that will forever leave you smiling.

More Lunarcy

July 21, 2009

What if the moon landing occurred today?  Here’s how it might be covered in the media: