Cacklin’ Rosie

Rosie’s back.  She’s got some lame prime time show next week.  And all I have to ask is – whose bloody turn was it to watch her?  I mean, after The View I thought we all had a tacit understanding that we’d keep an eye on her so that she couldn’t pull this kind of crap and just pop up on TV or in movies or something when no one expected.  It’s not right.  It’s not fair.  It’s not natural.  And it was supposed to have stopped.  But, no, one of you slackers looked away for a moment or got distracted or just plain let the side down and now she’s loose and about to invade network television once again.  Is anyone safe?  No.  Not for a moment.  So, fess up, whoever’s responsible for this fiasco and take your punishment like an adult.  I will not suffer this indecency alone!


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