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Sexy Veg

May 31, 2007

PETA is taking votes for the World’s Sexiest Celebrity Vegetarian!  Vote here and marvel at the many talents who have decided to live a meatless existence.  (And, no, I’m not proselytising – I’m just checking out the vegetarian hotties.)

Mach Go Go Go!

May 31, 2007

Check out Speed Racer’s car!  Not exactly excited about this flick yet…  But, man, this is one sweet ride.

Fear & Losing On The Campaign Trail

May 31, 2007

In 1972, I was working for the McGovern campaign, making cold calls to folks in the Plains states. It was July 19th and we (the campaign volunteers) began to hear sobs coming from the candidate’s office. The cries escalated into a low moaning sound. Jennifer, the campaign manager, investigated and found McGovern curled up under his desk in the fetal position. He was totally freaking that no one had remembered his birthday. He bawled like a baby for hours. Finally, somebody went downto the Piggly Wiggly and picked up a sheet cake and a pinata and we threw a “surprise” party for the old goat.

Thinking back, I’m glad Nixon kicked his ass. Wouldn’t want that bleedin’ crybaby with his finger on the button.

Sparky MacMillan is not supposed to eat the Legos.

Duck duck,goose

May 30, 2007

There’s a family of geese that have taken up residence by a small pond near where I work. For months now, they’ve rummaged and foraged and managed to attract all sorts of attention. First, there was the breeding pair, then the overprotective father guarding the nest, then the mother and five little goslings all in a row. A very cute sight. Well, as soon as they emerged, the whole building was awash in “watch out for the geese” emails and warnings to be alert for the waterfowl as they crossed the driveway. Indeed, it seemed that a great many people took delight in protecting these birds. Digital photos were posted on our internal network, signs went up denoting a “goose crossing” near the nesting grounds to ensure slower vehicle speeds. Employees went out of their way to guarantee that these geese were safe and sound, undamaged by careless hands.

And all throughout this, I’m thinking, “Y’know. The people who are trying to keep these geese from harm are probably the same ones who are stopping by KFC on the way home to pick up dinner.”

Ah, I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning.

Old Dog…

May 28, 2007

Check out this commercial for Stanley Steemer called Toby’s New Trick.

Hilarious! I think we need more stuff like this on TV and less stuff like those freaky ads where people get turned into M&Ms.

Angering Around The Rosie

May 28, 2007

According to her blog, Rosie O’Donnell says she may never speak to Elizabeth Hasselbeck after their now-infamous dustup on The View.

Okay, I got a plan here, folks. If we can ALL – each and every one of us – do something that pisses off O’Donnell then it’s quite possible that she may never speak again! But we can’t do this half-arsed or anything.  We have to make a concerted effort to get her goat. Call her a traitor, say Tom Cruise is stupid, insinuate that Koosh balls are the devil’s own plaything, whatever!  Just make her angry!

If you need further guidance on what to do, just call Trump.

Sad News

May 28, 2007

Tony Award Winner and perennial game show celeb Charles Nelson Reilly has passed away. I remember him fondly. He was a mentor of sorts. Here – check out the commercial we did together back in the 70s…

That’s me, the little banana in the middle on the second row. Not something I list on my resume now, but it was a step up from Zoom and I did get to work with my hero, CNR.

Rest in peace, my old friend.

Caroline. Sweet!

May 26, 2007

I’ve a new love in my life. Her name’s Caroline. But it’s an open relationship and I’m eager to share her.

Okay, I’ll turn down the creep factor a couple of points and say that I’m talking about Radio Caroline, Britain’s legendary pirate radio station. Now on the more legit side, it can be found on that incredible worldwide web at where it broadcasts an amazing array of rock and roll, what we Yanks might call AOR.

You can listen online and I suggest you do if you want an alternative to the commercialized crap found on your radio dial. In the past few hours, I’ve heard old favorites I haven’t heard in years, tunes I’ve never heard before, and album tracks that I’ve never even heard on radio. It’s brilliant!

RADIO CAROLINE. Discover her for yourself.


May 25, 2007

I just watched the documentary Who Killed The Electric Car? and found it an entertaining, fascinating and surprising peek into the world of the automotive industry and environmentalism.

Most surprising fact?  I found out that the person who really killed the electric car was O.J. Simpson.  (Although he claims he’s looking for the real electric car killers.)


May 25, 2007

USA Today ranks the Top 25 TV Moments of the last quarter decade.  And I love a good list.  (Although I’m secretly lamenting the omission of Cleopatra 2525.)